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iPhone Data Recovery-How to Recover Contacts, Photos, Call History and more Files

Are you an iPhone owner? Do you have any things means a lot of you in your iPhone, such as contacts, notes, or perhaps your text messages? You must be grieved if you lost these things. Most data likely to be deleted by you accidentally or lost when upgrade iOS 8/iOS 7. Are you feeling helpless? Don’t feel disheartened, iPhone Data Recovery program, developed by Tenorshare is a useful way to recover your important data.

iPhone data recovery

iPhone data recovery

This is an omnipotent data recovery tool for iPhone data recovery. It support you recover 12 types files, include lost photos, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar, call history and more things. And no matter you are owning an iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S, 4, and even iPhone 3, you have the choice to recover iPhone data. There are two ways to recover data from iPhone. One is “recover data from iOS” which means you are able to recover data without backup. And the other is “Recover data from backup”, this way is specially for the users who have backed up data with iTunes before. It is pretty simple for you to use this iPhone data recovery software. First, you need to click here to download iPhone data recovery and install it on the PC. Launch it and you can see two recovery modes to recover iPhone files. Here we take the first mode for example, click “Start Scan” to scan for the lost files. If you are not iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users, you need to enter DFU mode to scan files.  After few minutes, all the lost data will be scan on the interface. Before you recover this data, you can preview it. Both you can choose part of files to recover and recover all the files. The last step is click “Recover” to finish the recovery. The second mode is for the iPhone users who have a backup or do not have an iPhone on hand to recover data from iPhone. The best way to protect data loss in iPhone is not use iPhone data recovery software, but to backup files from time to time. However, we usually realize this until the data loss. Therefore, start to backup your iPhone data right now.

How to Extract iPhone Contacts from iPhone Backup

According to the statistics, contacts is one of the data most iPhone users easy to lose. The reasons of lost iPhone contacts are multiple, and also there are several ways to recover it. In this article, we will discuss how to extract contacts from iPhone backup.

This way can get back lost contacts on iOS 8 update, factory restore, deleted, jailbreak on iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, 3GS series versions. For more about iPhone contact recovery, you also can watch this video guide.

Extract iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup

If you have contact on your iCloud, then this way is the best choice for you. If you do not sure if you have enable iCloud Contacts sync, you can log on the check the Contacts option, search your contacts to check if it is still here.

If it is true, start to extract iPhone contacts from backup now.
1: Go to Settings -> iCloud on your iPhone
2: Turn off Contacts (if it’s not turned off already)
3: When the popup message comes up, press ‘Keep on My iPhone’
4: Now, turn ON the contacts again and tap “Merge”; wait for a while
5: After sometime, you should see the deleted contact back on your iPhone
6: In case this doesn’t work, all you do is delete your iCloud account (but keep all data) and then re-add the iCloud account by logging in with your Apple ID and password
7: Merge all data and wait for a while. After sometime, iCloud will have merged all

Extract contacts from iPhone backup files with iTunes Data Recovery

Unfortunately, your contacts do not in your iCloud.  But you have a good habit of syncing iPhone with iTunes from time to time. Congratulations, you can extract iPhone contacts easily with an iPhone backup extractor program. Here is a note: please don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes before recover your contacts, or the lost contacts will lose forever.

There are so many iPhone backup extractors on the internet, which should I choose? Here I recommend Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery tool, not only this tool help to extract iPhone contacts from iTunes backup, but also extract other data as photos, note, and call history and so on. And I had to give it a couple of tries but it worked 100%.

Here are few words to show how to extract contacts from iPhone backup.
Firstly, download this program and install it on your pc.

Extract contacts from iPhone backup Mac
Extract contacts from iPhone backup Windows


It is necessary to connect iPhone with computer, just launch this program, and check the backup files you need to extract contacts, click “Start Scan” to scan for the lost contacts.

Secondly, after the scanning completed, you can preview the contacts, select the contact you want to extract, and click “Recover”, then you will be asked to choose a saved path. In the end, all the contact will be recovered on the local PC.

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