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How to fix iPhone SE/6s/6 Won’t Turn on

There are some iPhone users complained that their iPhone SE/6s/s won’t turn on! In these cases, do not panic, just keep calm and to implement these tips presented below. Troubleshooting solutions of iPhone SE/6s/6 won’t turn on:

Charge iPhone SE/6s/6 for a while

Connect your iPhone to the USB charger and plug it into a wall outlet for at least 15 minutes. You can also connect your iPhone via USB to a computer for at least 25 minutes. After that, try to turn your iPhone as you are used to.

If the iPhone battery is fully depleted or very low, you will see a screen like this (the empty battery and icons showing the need to connect a cable to the source):


If you see this screen after charging the iPhone, this means that the iPhone needs to charge more. In that cases, let your iPhone charge for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Forced Reboot

Sometimes your iPhone crashes and it won’t turn on. If the latest iOS versions (iOS 9.3) have corrected this, the error can occur at any time! In these cases, a forced Reboot will not harm your iPhone. To do this, hold down the home button and the power button. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Or you can try a free iPhone reboot toolTenorshare Reiboot to help you. With this tool, you can reboot your iPhone which won’t turn on with two clicks: ” Enter Recovery Mode” and ” Exit Recovery Mode”, then your iPhone will restart.

iPhone Still Won’t Turn on

If these two methods above do not solve your problem, then you are definitely in one of these cases:

  • The battery is worn out and no longer takes the load: it’s rare, but it happens. We need to change the battery.
  • The USB charger is not working properly or is faulty: Try another charger.
  • The iPhone is down or a component is broken: water damage, severe external damage, it happens to everyone! Just let it go.