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YouTube as a global social platform, you can watch millions of videos from all over the world. Once you meet your favorite videos, i believe you absolutely want to download it. Here problem comes, some long videos the requirement of the network environment is high. I’ve gathered two annoyed problems and corresponding solution. If you’re interested in it please continue to read it.


Two of the most headache things about YouTube Video:

  1. Download the YouTube Video with an hour and when you play it get Unable Video Format error message.
  2. Almost finished the YouTube Video download but the network suddenly disconnected and you get Download Failed message.


Here i will introduce how to solve the above two problems by Tube Paw.


Solve Video Format Problem With Few Clicks

ü Download TubePaw Click Downloaded button you can find all your downloaded videos,

and click Convert to choose formats in the showed menu.


Solve Download Problem With Few Clicks

ü  Copy the URL of the videos on the video sharing website to Tube Paw.


ü Add your favorite video website and use the Download Button Built-in.


P.S: Tube Paw support resume downloading from breakpoint!


Do you want to know more about Tube Paw? I’ll show you the other amazing features of it.


  1. Create GIF images From YouTube Videos

Things turn to funny when you can create GIF images from YouTube Videos. All the wonderful moments can be saved and shared without watermark.


  1. Download Music, E-Book, Audio files for offline listening

Just like Videos, Music and E-Book also needed modern people. If you don’t want to miss any good music in the internet and enjoy it wherever or whenever possible? Download it all to Tube Paw for offline listening!

  1. Transfer Offline Videos to iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

It’s very necessary to transfer your downloaded videos to your device. Tube Paw support iOS 9-11 under iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, Android 8 Oreo, 7 Nougat6/5/4/3/2 phone and tablet.


  1. Basic Settings

You can customize downloading settings according to your preference. In general you can choose update Never/Every Day/Every Month/Every Week , In download you can select Max task etc.



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