3 Ways to Bypass iPhone Passcode 2018

These days when i type Password on each browser it will show a long list how to bypass device passcode with out restore. I have to say this problem really headache when you meet it and generally as long as you are human being you definitely experienced “forget” this process. As we all know, setting passcode is for protect our privacy and important data. Don’t be panic once you are going through the ”forget” process, here i will introduce 3 ways to help you solve it.

Bypass iPhone Passcode using Recovery Mode
Bypass iPhone Passcode using iTunes
Bypass iPhone passcode using 4Ukey Tool

Way1: Bypass iPhone Passcode Using Recovery Mode

First please connect your iPhone to computer. Press and hold the power and Home button at the same time, then release the two buttons until connect to iTunes screen appears. Once all the process has done iTunes will prompt message your iPhone has been detected and you need to choose OK to go on then Waiting the process.

iTunes prompt message

Way2: ByPass iPhone Passcode Using iTunes

First, connect your iPhone with your computer and boot your iTunes. Then select the Apple device logo you can find the option of restore. Click the most recent backup file and click restore.
When it restored, you can use it without passcode.

recent backup file

Way3: Bypass iPhone Passcode Using Tenorshare4Ukey Tool

First download Tenorshare4Ukey on your computer. And launch the product and connect your iPhone to to computer via lightning cable. When you finish this step 4Ukey will automatically recognize your device, then tap on Start to remove iPhone passcode. No matter how many digit password you’ve got, with one click the password will be removed.


Why i recommend this application for you guys? This product is definitely safe and have powerful features. Here i’m gonna list these amazing functions.

1.Forgot iPhone password.
2.iPhone is disabled after typing in wrong password too many times.
3.iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes.
4.Get a second-hand iPhone/iPad with locked screen.
5.iPhone screen is broken and needs to be unlocked without passcode.
6.iTunes won’t restore after being disabled.
7.iPhone is severely damaged and needs to be restored to factory settings.
8.Erase iPhone/iPad before selling or giving it away.

Calculation: There are 3 ways for you to bypass iPhone passcode, no matter which way you’s choose. Only it can solve your problem then that’s good way. If you think this article is helpful don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

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