8 Hottest Adblocker Compare & Review – Best FREE iOS Adblocker 2017

In Windows and Mac platform, many users usually install an adblock extention in Chrome and Firefox, which could block unwanted and annoying ads in website. You cannot insert a plugins in Safari when change to iOS. Nevertheless, Apple provide the content blockers to developers since iOS 9, here is when we can use an Adblocker in iOS.

There are dozens ad blockers or content blockers in App Store, which one do you really need? Here we installed 8 hottest iOS adblock apps and test them on iPhone 7 to show you the difference and abilities. Some of them are traditional adblock publish which do better in Chrome or Firefox plugins.

After the review, you can easily choose the one you like in the end of this article. First, let me look into what the basic requirements about adblock apps, here we review the 8 apps with following principles.

  1. Block ads for Safari: include Trackers, Popups, Site Widgets, and Adult Sites.
  2. Block ads for Apps: include ads in video, games and other apps.
  3. Personalize white lists for some favorite websites.

No matter what ad blocker you are using, there are 2 options to block ads in iOS:

  1. Enable a content blocker in Safari, which could only help you block ads for Safari.
  2. Block ads for apps such as games, video applications and other apps. This kind of ad blocker use a fake VPN network to judge what is ads or not, then you can only send out the network request, all ads network request will be blocked.

Now, let’s see the detailed information between the 8 apps.

App Name iCareFone Adguard Adblock Plus NeverAds Block Bear AdBlock for Mobile Adblock 1Blocker
iCareFone Adguard Adblock Plus NeverAds Block Bear AdBlock Mobile Adblock 1Blocker
Block Ads
Block Trackers × × ×
Block Popups × × ×
Block Cookies × × × ×
Block Adult Sites × × × × × ×
Block Special Fonts × × × × ×
No-image Mode × × × × × × ×
Block Ads in Video × × × × × ×
Block Ads in Games × × × × × ×
White Lists × × × ×
App Publisher Tenorshare Performix Eyeo
Betternet TunnelBear BETAFISH Jennifer

After all, you can easily choose the adblocker you need for special requirements. 

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