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How to Reboot Jailbroken iPhone with Broken Power Button

“I’m in a pickle. The power button of my iPhone 6 is broken, which meaning it doesn’t work at all. But the jailbroken iPhone is locked up and crashed (just frozen while using a particular app), so I tried to reboot but I could not because the power button is broken.”

As we know, if the power button is broken on an iPhone, we still can use the iPhone normally with AssistiveTouch in most cases, although sometimes it is not convenient to use. But there are always exceptions such as the power button of iPhone is broken. With a broken power button, we can’t hard reset the iPhone to fix the crash issue. So is there any way to reboot the jailbroken iPhone with a broken power button?

Of course we can reboot a jailbroken iPhone without power button, but you need a third-party software to help you, such as Tenorshare Reiboot, which only has two button and you can enter or exit recovery mode on your iPhone with one click, and it does not need to use the power button, also work for the jailbroken iPhone. But most importantly, the software is completely free, you can also use it for other situations such as endless reboot loop or iPhone stuck in recovery mode.


Steps to reboot jailbroken iPhone with broken power button

Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot on your computer, if you are a Mac user, you can also download Reiboot for Mac on your Mac.

Step 1. Run Tenorshare Reiboot on your computer. Then connect the jailbroken iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. After the software detect your jailbroken iPhone, click on “Enter Recovery Mode” to get your jailbroken iPhone into recovery mode.

Step 2. After enter recovery mode, your iPhone will display iTunes logo and USB cable on the screen. Then click on “Exit Recovery Mode” to get your iPhone out of recovery mode. And jailbroken iPhone will restart to normal soon.

Only two button, you can reboot your iPhone whether the power button is broken or not.