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How to use Live Photo Effects on iPhone X/8/8 Plus with iOS 11

2 Years ago, Apple published Live photos with iOS 9. Live Photo is a kind of photo that will become alive when you touch them, it records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. More than a gif, you can get both the movement and voice with live photo, what you need to do is just set the camera to live mode, then take a photo like usual.

1.     How to take Live Photos on iPhone X/8/8 Plus?

Just tap the Camera app on your iPhone, switch to photo mode, then tap on the top middle circle icon, it will show you Live and the icon becomes yellow, now take a photo, you will see a “Live” icon on the top left, this means a Live Photo.


2.     How to see my photos come to live?

Open a live photo in your camera roll, firmly press on the screen and held, you will see the photo come to life.

3.     3 Ways to add interesting effects to live photos.

In a live photo, sweep up from the bottom screen, you will see 3 additional effects options. Here you can choose which one that will makes your photo most interesting and funny.

A. The Loop animation could find two similarity frame in your photo, then played then in a continuous loop. It will be greatly impressive when you take some sports scenes like this one.

live-photo-loop animation

B. The Bounce animation will make your live photo rock back and forth, you can watch your live photo as it happened, then instantly in reverse.

You can see how basketball gets back to sportsman’s hands and a crash bottle came to the original status.


C. The Long Exposure animation could capture the elements of time and movement. This kind of pictures usually be possible with a DSLR camera, but now you can take great photos with iPhone. Such as Fireworks become bright streaks across the night sky, a waterfall, a magical blur and etc.

Live-Photo-Long Exposure

Now, start your imagination and create more inspiring photos!

How to Fix iTunes Error 9/4005/4013/4014 when Restore/Update iPhone

“The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013).”


Have you ever been stuck with this kind of iTunes error message now? Is that emergency for you to update or restore your iPhone/iPad? 

Many Apple users may see iTunes errors while iOS restore, they can also find many solutions in Apple official help documents, but most Apple suggested are restart iPhone or enter recovery mode and restore iPhone with iTunes. Things are not always so easy…Here just follow me to how to solve “The iPhone could not be restored” errors.


Solution 1: Restore/Update iOS with Other Methods – iTunes works OK but you just failed to restore/update iOS.

iTunes cannot restore iPhone with 100% success rate, under this circumstance, you can try some iTunes alternative tool to restore (or so called update) iPhone, here I take a light tool – ReiBoot as example. With ReiBoot, your data remains safe in iPhone.

Step 1: Download ReiBoot and install it on your PC/Mac;

Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC/Mac with USB cable and launch ReiBoot;

reibootStep 3: Click on “Fix All iOS Stuck” and choose “Fix Now”, click “Download” button, ReiBoot will automatically download the latest iOS public firmware.

fix-iOS-problemsStep 4: Follow the steps to proceed the iOS restore progress, the iPhone will be restore to newest iOS.


Step 5: The whole progress may cost 5 to 10 minutes, include uncompressing firmware and install iOS into iPhone. After that, you can successfully restore iPhone.


Solution 2: Fix iTunes then Try Again

If iTunes performs abnormal other functions cannot be use, you can try to repair iTunes with a freeware TunesCare. Just follow me to fix iTunes error 9, 4005, 4013, or 4014 within clicks.

Step 1: Download TunesCare and install it on PC or Mac

Step 2: Launch TunesCare and click on the Only button “Fix All iTunes Issues”.


Step 3: TunesCare will help you repair iTunes library files and reinstall some iTunes msi installation packages. The whole progress will be completed within 3 to 5 minutes.


Now you can try to restore iPhone again with iTunes.


8 Hottest Adblocker Compare & Review – Best FREE iOS Adblocker 2017

In Windows and Mac platform, many users usually install an adblock extention in Chrome and Firefox, which could block unwanted and annoying ads in website. You cannot insert a plugins in Safari when change to iOS. Nevertheless, Apple provide the content blockers to developers since iOS 9, here is when we can use an Adblocker in iOS.

There are dozens ad blockers or content blockers in App Store, which one do you really need? Here we installed 8 hottest iOS adblock apps and test them on iPhone 7 to show you the difference and abilities. Some of them are traditional adblock publish which do better in Chrome or Firefox plugins.

After the review, you can easily choose the one you like in the end of this article. First, let me look into what the basic requirements about adblock apps, here we review the 8 apps with following principles.

  1. Block ads for Safari: include Trackers, Popups, Site Widgets, and Adult Sites.
  2. Block ads for Apps: include ads in video, games and other apps.
  3. Personalize white lists for some favorite websites.

No matter what ad blocker you are using, there are 2 options to block ads in iOS:

  1. Enable a content blocker in Safari, which could only help you block ads for Safari.
  2. Block ads for apps such as games, video applications and other apps. This kind of ad blocker use a fake VPN network to judge what is ads or not, then you can only send out the network request, all ads network request will be blocked.

Now, let’s see the detailed information between the 8 apps.

App Name iCareFone Adguard Adblock Plus NeverAds Block Bear AdBlock for Mobile Adblock 1Blocker
iCareFone Adguard Adblock Plus NeverAds Block Bear AdBlock Mobile Adblock 1Blocker
Block Ads
Block Trackers × × ×
Block Popups × × ×
Block Cookies × × × ×
Block Adult Sites × × × × × ×
Block Special Fonts × × × × ×
No-image Mode × × × × × × ×
Block Ads in Video × × × × × ×
Block Ads in Games × × × × × ×
White Lists × × × ×
App Publisher Tenorshare Performix Eyeo
Betternet TunnelBear BETAFISH Jennifer

After all, you can easily choose the adblocker you need for special requirements. 

How to Configure Your New iPhone 7 (Plus)

This article tells you how to set up and configure your new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If you are a beginner to the iPhone, it would be very helpful.

You can order the new iPhone 7 (Plus) in 2016 from the 09/09, new iOS 10 make your iPhone 7 smarter and more alive than ever. Once you get a new iPhone 7, there are some essential things you need to do: set up and activate immediately. Now, read on to learn how to activate iPhone 7 (Plus) and make sure all is well configured and new iPhone works exactly as you want.

Before you start, you better back up your old iPhone via iTunes or iCloud in advance, so that you can directly restore from a backup when you follow the steps to configure iPhone 7.

1. Turn on your iPhone 7

After turning on your iPhone 7/7 Plus, the word “Hello” will appear in multiple languages, and then drag across the screen from left to right.

To get the IMEI / ICCID and IMEI number of the device, tap the “i” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

2. Select a language and country

Select your language like America > Type in your country or region. This format will set the display of your device information, such as date, and time.

3. Connect to the Internet and select the location service

Select a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If no WLAN is available, you can set iPhone 7 (Plus) via a mobile phone service active.

Then you can also choose whether to use location services on iPhone 7. This is used for apps such as Maps and Find My iPhone.

4. Configure Touch ID and create a password

With Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone and make purchases.

In addition, you can set an access code instead of Touch ID. If you want to create a six-digit or four-digit code, click “Code Options.”

5. Restore or transfer your applications and data

Want to transfer your purchased data and content from the old iPhone to iPhone 7 (Plus)? You can select one of the methods below:

- Restore from iCloud backup

Select Restore from iCloud > Enter your Apple ID and password > Accept iCloud conditions > Choose a backup you want.

- Restore from an iTunes backup

Turn on your new iPhone 7> Select Restore from iTunes > Connect new device to the computer > Open iTunes on your computer and select your device > Select Restore backup.

- Restore with third party software

If you want to restore your backup selectively, you can try iCareFone, with this software, you can choose the specific data you want to restore on the new iPhone 7.

6. Set up iCloud Drive

If you have an Apple ID, enter your Apple ID and password. After logging in with your Apple ID, you can set up iCloud Drive, Apple iCloud and Pay keychain.

7. Configure Siri

If you want to use Siri, you must state certain phrases that Siri can adapt to your voice. Of course, you can skip this step directly.

8. Set the settings related to the data analysis and resolution of the screen

Choose to share information with application developers or not. Then choose from two screen resolutions: Normal and Expanded.

9. Finish setup

Now tap Start to start using your new iPhone 7 (Plus). To protect your data, you should back up regularly.

iPhone 7 GPS not Working, How to Fix it?

Apple released iPhone 7 last week, with some innovations such as dual cameras, without headphone jack, etc. and in face, some users have had a bad surprise after get a new iPhone 7. It has problems to find the GPS position, some iPhone users just complained that iPhone 7 GPS is not working.

Either the iPhone takes time to locate, or it is not the right position. The GPS not working on iPhone 7 is encountered in Waze and Google Maps particular.

iPhone 7 GPS is not Working

No miracle solution that works for all cases for now, but a number of users were able to get iPhone 7 GPS back to work.

We identified the different tests that can be done to revive the GPS:

Disable then enable the setting for location services: In Settings> Privacy> Location Services on iPhone 7, go to disable and enable it.

If this was not enough, a network settings reset seems to be possible to complete the previous action (warning, loss of specific configurations, verify that you will re-enter): Settings> General> Reset> Reset Settings network.

Hard reset: Try to hard reset your iPhone 7. Press power button and home button simultaneously until until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo.

Factory reset: Although performing a factory reset of your iPhone 7 may not sound ideal, but it’s occasionally necessary when troubleshooting your device for iPhone 7 GPS not working occurred by software errors. Connect your iPhone 7 to the computer, choose your iPhone 7 when it appears on iTunes, click the Restore iPhone button and confirm the factory reset, just wait till your iPhone 7 is restored.

If all the methods above have no effect, and the GPS is still not working, it may be the iOS system errors. Here is an all-in-one tool named iCareFone can help you fix all iOS problems including repair iOS operating system. The software can help you repair iOS system without any data lose and all the system errors will be fixed. Just give it a shot.