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2 Free Solutions to Solve iTunes Sync Errors

iTunes is one of the most important iOS management tools for every iDevices users, for some people, it was the only tool that you can manage your iDevices. In fact, there remaining many unexpected problems in daily use.

Sometimes when you try to do a backup for your phone, you may get stuck with an iTunes error that it prompts “iTunes failed to sync“; or iTunes Error -54, iTunes Error -50. Here we provide you with some tricks to locate iTunes errors and fix it.

Solution 1: Take a clean restore for iTunes.

Navigate to “Control Panel” – “Program and Features”, and then scroll down to find iTunes in program list. Double-click on “iTunes” logo and confirm to uninstall, wait a moment for the uninstall procedure complete. Then uninstall following programs to with the same way:
▪ Apple Software Update
▪ Apples Mobile Device Support
▪ Apples Application Support (64-bit)
▪ Apples Application Support (32-bit)
▪ Bonjour

In Windows Explorer, navigate to “C:\Users\Administrator\Music”, delete “iTunes” directory. Now, you have completely removed iTunes from your computer.

Then download iTunes from Apple official website, install it into your computer and login iCloud account, the iTunes errors will disappear.

Solution 2: Use Tunescare to Fix iTunes Error issues with only one click.

With the compatibility of iTunes Errors, you need to solve them one by one, here we found a Free iTunes fix software – TunesCare that could help you solve all iTunes errors, include:
▪ iTunes Install Errors
▪ iTunes Sync Errors
▪ iTunes Upgrade Errors
▪ iTunes Restore Errors

Here you can follow our tutorials to install TunesCare and fix all kinds of iTunes errors.

Step 1: Download TunesCare and install it into your computer.

fix itunes erros

Step 2: Launch TunesCare, click on “Fix all iTunes Issues”, then click “Repair iTunes” to download the newest version of iTunes from Apple official website. It will be completed with minutes.
repairing itunes library

Step 3: After the download completed, TunesCare will automatically start to install/fix iTunes. iTunes will automatically open when it finished install process.

In all, iTunes is a part of Apple ecosystem, it’s very inconvenient for you to transfer files or music, movies between computer and iDevices. Here we also recommend you a totally solution for iOS tweaks — iCareFone.

Now login iTunes with your iCloud account, you can normally backup iPhone again.

In all, iTunes is a part of Apple ecosystem, it’s very inconvenient for you to transfer files or music, movies between computer and iDevices. Here we also recommend you a totally solution for iOS tweaks — iCareFone.

How to Fix iTunes Music Won’t Download to iPhone SE

“Help! Recently I bought a new iPhone SE. But all of a sudden, iTunes won’t let me download music to my iPhone SE. I have no idea about it. Is there anything with my iPhone or is it something wrong with iTunes? I have never met this problem before. Before this problem, everything is always okay and I have transferred lots of music to my new iPhone SE. If anybody knows, please tell me, thanks.”

Apple iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch smart phone ever made. As a cheap iPhone in the market, this mobile phone seems to be a success, based on the sale numbers. This shows us that there are still lots of users choose to use iPhone SE. On the other side, iTunes is a music application and we can use it to listen to songs. Sometimes we even want to transfer fair-sounding music to iPhone SE. However, we are not always so lucky to do that, sometimes the iTunes music won’t download to iPhone SE so we have to figure out solutions to solve it.


Solution 1: Check if the iTunes Music Path is Correct

If iTunes music won’t transfer music to iPhone SE, you can check whether the iTunes song location is right or not. At times, if you put the song to another library, iTunes won’t locate it. So you need to check if the folder location is correct.

Solution 2: Update iTunes to Latest Version

From time to time, iTunes version may lead to iTunes can’t download music to iPhone SE, consequently, you need to update your iTunes to the newest version and then try to download music to iPhone SE.

For Windows: Go to Help -> Check for Updates

For Mac: Go to iTunes ->> Check for Updates

Solution 3: Transfer iTunes Music to iPhone SE with iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is a must-have program for all iPhone, iPad and iPod users. It is able to manage all the files and optimize your iOS device. It has Windows and Mac version. It contains 5 main functions, which are Files Manager, Speedup &Clean, Backup &Restore, Ads Remove and Repair Operating System. Each part has the sub functions.

You can see how to use it to transfer iTunes music to iPhone SE as below:

Step 1: Download Tenorshare iCareFone Windows /iCareFone Mac from official website and then install it to your computer. After the installing, launch it and open this software.

Step 2: Then you can see 5 parts in the main user interface. Since you want to transfer music to iPhone, you need to choose the first function, File manager.

Step 3: Then you can click the “Music” to select one type of files to start.

Step 4: After that, click Add button to transfer music to iPhone SE.

Well, that’s all about how to fix issue about iTunes music won’t download to iPhone SE with the above methods. You can take it easy and then take one of the measures to solve your problem.