How to Optimize iPhone Battery Usage After iOS 10.3.2 Upgrade

Many users may face the problems that their iPhone battery will not use as long as they upgrade the iOS to latest iOS 10.3.2, even the newest iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. Usually, every iOS update may fix some bugs or bring better user experience to iOS devices, but due to battery loss and other unexpected reason, you have to accept the battery drain facts.

There still some ways to save iPhone battery usage on iOS 10.3.2 or other iOS, here follow me and you will get some tips to extend battery life.

1. Switch “Location Service” to “While Using”

Many app may need to gain your location even if you do not use it, mostly, it’s not needed. Luckily, you can separately set the location service for every single app.

Steps: Navigate to Settings – Privacy – Location Services. Disable “Share My Location” and set the location privilege for every app.


2. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Some apps may need to running in background and refresh to update data, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Email app will stay in background and keep your messages update.

Steps: Navigate to Settings – General – Background App Refresh, tap “Background App Refresh” to disable all or enable the app you needed.


3. Turn Off Raise to Wake on your iPhone

Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can, all screens are a power hog. So, just disable “Raise to Wake” on your device to avoid unintentionally wakeup. This tips will works on iPhone SE and iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7/7Plus.

Steps: Navigate to Settings – Display & Brightness, close “Raise to Wake”.


4. Do Not Close Apps, Just Keep it Multi-tasking

Many users may have a “Good” habit to close all apps when currently do not need it. But have you ever thought about what will happy if you need to launch it again? Your iPhone need to load the app data into RAM and that may need more power. In fact, apps are not running in background while it keeps in multi-tasking.


5. Enable “Low Power Mode” If You Have No Other Choice

As you can see in settings, Low Power Mode will temporarily reduces power consumption until you can fully charge your iPhone. When this on, mail fetch, Hey Siri, background apps refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects are reduced or turned off.

Steps: Navigate to Settings – Battery, Enable “Low Power Mode”.


6. Ultimate Solution – Buy a Portable Power Bank

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