How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

“I was trying to recover my photos on my Android device, i don’t even know how long i deleted these photos and it also has been deleted in Google photos. Is there any way to recover it?”

Google Photos as a professional and powerful photo sharing and storage tool, it can help us manage our photos and videos. Many of us used to using photos to record our life and precious memory. Luckily, your Android photos will automatically sync to Google Photos. I’ve collected some efficient ways to solve this problem, keep reading to check them out!

Way1: Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos Trash
Way2: Recover Deleted Photos from Android Data Recovery
Way3: Recover Deleted Photos from Google Support

Way1: Recovery Deleted Photos from Google Photos Trash

If you have ever used iPhone you will know when you accidentally delete photos from your iPhone those pictures actually hasn’t been deleted. It will be saved to recently deleted file and you can recover it from this file easily. Google Photos has the same features as it does, it will also keep your deleted photos in trash for 60 days , so you can retrieve them within two months.

Step1: login your Google Photos, click Menu and you will see “Trash” folder.
Step2: Click the folder, all your deleted pictures will be listed in it. Choose the photos you want to recover and click the arrow button to get them back.

Way2: Recover Deleted Photos from Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery as a professional data recovery tool, it can easily help you recovery your deleted photos even if the photos are permanently deleted. Don’t worry if the operation too complicated to handle it, only few clicks you are unable to retrieve your unique memories.

Step1: Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer.
Step2: Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.
Step3: Once your device detected by your computer, an App Superuser Request will pops up on your device’s screen, simply click “Allow” button, then click “Start” on the software screen.


Step4: Now you can choose the file type on this interface. Then click on “Next”.


Step5: Preview all your deleted files and recover them on your computer.


Way3: Recover deleted photos from Google Support

This way only suitable for the users who use Google Drive Service, if you are confused or want somebody answer your every questions, follow the steps as below to contact them.

Step1: Visit Google Drive Help page, select Missing or deleted files.
Step2: You can communicate with Support Team after you login Google account.

Google Drive Help

Final Words

In this article, i introduced best 3 ways to help you recover the deleted photos. If you are benefit in this tutorial please don’t forget share it with your friends, and if you have any further questions you can leave message below. Thank you very much!

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