How to Remove Passcode from iPhone 6 without iTunes

“I have tried everything but every computer I use says that my iPhone cannot be detected. I need a simple way to remove passcode from iPhone 6 without iTunes.” Take it easy, below we can learn how to fix that case in efficient way.

Top1: Remove passcode from iPhone 6 without iTunes from Reiboot

To remover iPhone passcode without iTunes often in the case that computer cannot detected your iPhone. So here you just need to restore your iPhone to enter it in normal way. The detail functions about Reiboot are below.

Step 1: Free downoad and install Reiboot on useful computer. Connect your iPhone 6 to computer with via cable USB.
Step 2: As reiboot detected your iPhone 6, click “Enter Recovery Mode” to put your iPhone into recovery mode automatically.

Step 3: If there is an iTunes logo on your iPhone 6 screen, it means this device enter recovery mode successfully. Several seconds later, you will find the “Exit Recovery Mode” is clickable, click it to out of recovery mode. Now you can iPhone 6 without iTunes and no password.

Note: In the process of restore iPhone 6, all data on your iPhone will be erased. So you’d better backup all data before using Reiboot to remove password from iOS devices.

Top 2: Remove iPhone 6 passcode that iPhone screen in Recovery mode

Step 1: First to click OK and restore&update.
Step 2: Here you can click Restore iPhone and let iTunes wipe the software, then restore the iPhone.

Tips: Before restore your iPhone devices, you would better to backup all important data from it. Since in the process of restoring, all data in the devices will be erased.
Step 3: To enter the Apple ID and Password that was used to set up the iPhone, click continue.

Step 4: Choose Restore from this backup to restore the iPhone to its earlier state, or you can set up the iPhone as a fresh model by choosing set up as new iPhone, then click continue.
Step 5: Your iPhone 6 now be up and running as before but without a passcode. You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID, depending on the version of iOS you’ve running.

After reading the whole post, have you acquired how to remove iPhone 6 passcode without iTunes? If not, read again to master this simple skill is better for us. Do you agree with that?

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