How to use Live Photo Effects on iPhone X/8/8 Plus with iOS 11

2 Years ago, Apple published Live photos with iOS 9. Live Photo is a kind of photo that will become alive when you touch them, it records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. More than a gif, you can get both the movement and voice with live photo, what you need to do is just set the camera to live mode, then take a photo like usual.

1.     How to take Live Photos on iPhone X/8/8 Plus?

Just tap the Camera app on your iPhone, switch to photo mode, then tap on the top middle circle icon, it will show you Live and the icon becomes yellow, now take a photo, you will see a “Live” icon on the top left, this means a Live Photo.


2.     How to see my photos come to live?

Open a live photo in your camera roll, firmly press on the screen and held, you will see the photo come to life.

3.     3 Ways to add interesting effects to live photos.

In a live photo, sweep up from the bottom screen, you will see 3 additional effects options. Here you can choose which one that will makes your photo most interesting and funny.

A. The Loop animation could find two similarity frame in your photo, then played then in a continuous loop. It will be greatly impressive when you take some sports scenes like this one.

live-photo-loop animation

B. The Bounce animation will make your live photo rock back and forth, you can watch your live photo as it happened, then instantly in reverse.

You can see how basketball gets back to sportsman’s hands and a crash bottle came to the original status.


C. The Long Exposure animation could capture the elements of time and movement. This kind of pictures usually be possible with a DSLR camera, but now you can take great photos with iPhone. Such as Fireworks become bright streaks across the night sky, a waterfall, a magical blur and etc.

Live-Photo-Long Exposure

Now, start your imagination and create more inspiring photos!

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