iPhone 7 GPS not Working, How to Fix it?

Apple released iPhone 7 last week, with some innovations such as dual cameras, without headphone jack, etc. and in face, some users have had a bad surprise after get a new iPhone 7. It has problems to find the GPS position, some iPhone users just complained that iPhone 7 GPS is not working.

Either the iPhone takes time to locate, or it is not the right position. The GPS not working on iPhone 7 is encountered in Waze and Google Maps particular.

iPhone 7 GPS is not Working

No miracle solution that works for all cases for now, but a number of users were able to get iPhone 7 GPS back to work.

We identified the different tests that can be done to revive the GPS:

Disable then enable the setting for location services: In Settings> Privacy> Location Services on iPhone 7, go to disable and enable it.

If this was not enough, a network settings reset seems to be possible to complete the previous action (warning, loss of specific configurations, verify that you will re-enter): Settings> General> Reset> Reset Settings network.

Hard reset: Try to hard reset your iPhone 7. Press power button and home button simultaneously until until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo.

Factory reset: Although performing a factory reset of your iPhone 7 may not sound ideal, but it’s occasionally necessary when troubleshooting your device for iPhone 7 GPS not working occurred by software errors. Connect your iPhone 7 to the computer, choose your iPhone 7 when it appears on iTunes, click the Restore iPhone button and confirm the factory reset, just wait till your iPhone 7 is restored.

If all the methods above have no effect, and the GPS is still not working, it may be the iOS system errors. Here is an all-in-one tool named iCareFone can help you fix all iOS problems including repair iOS operating system. The software can help you repair iOS system without any data lose and all the system errors will be fixed. Just give it a shot.

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